Asyuler Consulting Services provides solutions to the challenges facing organizations today in the public and not-for-profit sectors.  Based in Victoria, B.C., we offer services where we are the best of breed:

  • Business ProposalsWe are your go-to experts in writing, reviewing and implementing successful business cases.  Working with your team to truly understand the business context and desired outcomes, we will write, edit, and support your submission/proposal through the entire process.  Drawing on 15 years of experience working with and for the B.C. Treasury Board in the review/approval of business proposals, we are uniquely qualified to help you objectively and realistically evaluate any proposal by asking the right questions, and putting together a submission that leads the reader to the only conclusion – approval!
  • Contract Onboarding Evaluation – With the many service agreements (workstations, payroll, hosting, facilities, etc.) in place for the B.C. Ministries, Crown Agencies, Authorities and Districts, the opportunity for driving better value out of these deals has never been greater.  If your organization is considering joining one of these arrangements, we have the experience and background to objectively evaluate the viability for partnership and develop and implementation strategy set up for success.
  • Contract Management Support – If you’re working in or running a Vendor/Contract/Alliance management office, we understand the challenges you face every day.  Dealing with the service delivery partner to secure the benefits of the deal while keeping costs low can be a challenge.  Having many years of “in the trenches” experience in the full life cycle of these arrangements, from initial procurement through end of contract evaluations, we can be that extra horsepower you need to get through that blizzard of change requests, service renegotiation, health check or end of term evaluation.

A key part of our service is going beyond the paperwork by helping you prepare for presentations, stakeholder engagements, and the supporting strategy/execution work required to succeed.  Please contact us to let us help you today!