New Pre-Qualified Services

Just a quick note to let folks know we are now pre-qualified under RFQ SPO 3329 (held by the Strategic Partnerships Office of the Ministry of Technology,  Innovation and Citizens’ Services) for:

  • Executive Planning and Business Advisory Services,  and
  • Strategic Negotiations

Our successful qualification comes from extensive experience in the realm of large contract outsourcing, from initial opportunity identification through to negotiating and managing the contract.  Some examples of the type of work anticipated under this RFQ are outlined below.

Executive Planning and Business Advisory Services

Providing services in an advisory capacity to public sector clients involved in complex projects, particularly with respect to business process outsourcing or re-engineering initiatives.

  • Providing strategic advice on major strategic deals and assisting in the identification of strategic directions and strategic portfolio alignment;
  • Developing end of term assessments on major strategic deals;
  • Developing comprehensive business documents for complex services, such as business cases, value assessments, stakeholder plans, accountability matrixes, acquisition plans, governance plans and transition plans;
  • Conducting mid-term assessments on major strategic deals;
  • Conducting benchmarking studies and best practice reviews;
  • Project management experience on complex, high value initiatives;
  • Facilitating workshops and delivering presentations on governance, strategic planning, relationship building, and organizational development;
  • Developing change management strategies; and
  • Designing and implementing governance structures

Strategic Negotiations

Negotiating in complex, multi stakeholder environments.

  • Negotiation strategy development and negotiation delivery involving high value, complex services and initiatives involving multiple stakeholders;
  • Development of vendor negotiation strategies at the portfolio level;
  • Leading and facilitating stakeholder consultations or discussions in negotiations;
  • Developing staff capacity through the provision of on the job mentoring and knowledge transfer activities related to negotiations, deal architecture, and other relevant subjects;
  • Developing contract language, developing negotiation mandates, and providing advice to affected stakeholders;
  • Determining procurement and negotiation risks and developing mitigation strategies;
  • Partnering with deal leads and leading negotiating teams, including liaising with legal counsel under the direction of deal lead, and subject matter experts to successfully achieve negotiation mandates across multiple vendors; and
  • Direct subject matter experts, including financial modellers, on financial business cases, modelling, and frameworks to support negotiations

Under the terms of this RFQ, any Broader Public Sector client can request a “mini-RFP” for these services and we will be invited to bid on it.  The contact for this process is Morgan Beach in the Strategic Partnerships Office –

As always, we can also be hired directly without procurement for small engagements under $25,000.  Please contact us at your convenience.