Asyuler Consulting Rates

Our rates are based on the current competitive market price for similar services, which we monitor monthly.  Consulting costs are specific to the engagement, and are based on a flat $75/hr rate, plus expenses as applicable in your organization.

We are in the process of becoming pre-qualified on several lists for consulting services in B.C., and Alberta with local, municipal and federal agencies and will update this page as acceptance is received.

We are currently qualified under:

  • RFQ ED 2015-100 for service delivery (shared services & onboarding) in the Province’s K-12 education system and related broader public sector.
  • RFQ SPO-3329-R1 for executive planning and business advisory services and strategic negotiations services for core government and the broader public sector.

For smaller engagements (under $25k in B.C., $10k in AB) we can be contracted directly without a formal procurement process.