Service Partnership – Opportunity Evaluation

Opportunities to achieve greater savings and/or improved service levels exist within most service provision contracts, in one form or another.  Most have clauses which generate savings from on-boarding new clients to the contract, and the potential administrative savings are not insignificant.  But where do you start?

We have experience and relationships with all of the existing agreements, and understand the nuances of how the deals are structured and where the opportunities are.  If you’ve been asked to evaluate the suitability of moving your organization to an existing service arrangement, we can do the business modelling based on the contract and your organization’s data, and pull it together into a comprehensive package for response.

The agreements most widely considered for new clients are:

  • Workstations & Tier 1 Help Desk
  • Payroll and HR Management
  • Property/Building Management

We know these deals well, and can quickly evaluate the implications of moving on to one of these contracts for both parties.  Contact us to arrange for our support.